Pick Out a New Truck Bed

Pick Out a New Truck Bed

We sell truck beds and perform truck bed installation in Amarillo, TX

When you check out truck beds at a body shop, you might find plenty of options - and plenty of high prices. You can come to Dale's Pickup Accessories for fairly-priced truck beds in Amarillo, TX.

Plus, you can rely on us for truck bed installation services. We'll be happy to replace your old truck bed, even if it is:

  • Rusted
  • Broken
  • Dented
We also sell bumpers and provide bumper replacement services. Call 806-467-1467 now to ask our team about a bumper or truck bed for your vehicle.

Mix and match services however you need

Thinking about picking up a bumper or truck bed somewhere else, then getting it installed here? Buying a bumper or truck bed here, and installing it on your own? That's fine by us. You can count on us for whatever you need, whether it's a new item for your truck, bumper replacement services, truck bed installation services - or all of those things. Discuss what you need with our crew today.